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Eenor performs Spanish Castle Magic with Wildeboar Electric Trio // featured on GUITAR PLAYER magazine’s artist page


Mobile Friendly

Mezmer Instrument Co. 
Eenor makes instruments and accessories like the upcoming LEVITAR


EENOR on Southpark Themesong

Eenors guitar playing made it to mainstream television when Southpark added "Whamola" from Les Claypools Frog Brigade to their themesong,  It is still on the show almost 20 years later! 


Unlimited Sites

Eenors CD Mus Mezmer, described as "Blue Electro." Combines multiple electronic genres with explorational guitar and songwriting. 


 Improvised weekly sets of on the spot Live Music in a Northward alley where Vikings, Mermaids, and friendly Critters of all sorts gather most Saturdays to see the Sun vanish and the Stars emerge

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Eenor with the Frog Brigade at Bonnaroo #1 performing King Crimson's Thela Hun Ginjeet

Eenor with the Les Claypool Frog Brigade performing Thela Hun Ginjeet by King Crimson with Adrian Belew sitting in. 

Email: ronee@eenor.com                   

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