with the frog Brigade at the first Bonnaroo festival performing King Crimson's Thela Hun Ginjeet.

pt 2, at Bonnaroo, Eenor's solo

nuther frog Brigade version of Thela Hun Ginjeet with Adrian Belew of King Crimson

Playing with the tree's in Tahoe on a Mezmer 5 string

Wildeboar Electric Trio with Hassan Hurd and Sam Gulisano

Early Eenor's Sonic Wallpaper  (bat year summer 2020)

With the Yard Dogs Road show as ole Scarecrow, somewhere in the mountains of Colorado

with The Yard Dogs Road Show on tour with Les Claypool, ee sitting in with Les.

eenormus Sidecar at the Boom Boom Room in S.f. with Eric Mcfadden on bass

Tribute to EVH playing Eruption at the base of Mt Ha'aleakela in Maui on a Mezmer Ukulele (Giza model)

On tour with The Yard Dogs Road Show, as "Spaceman, Not" 

Playing a Mezmer Mouth Bow

An Enneagram visualization/study/composition

Binaural Beats (use headphones, join in with voice)  

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