Eenor is a many dimensional multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer, and performer who has been received enthusiastically by audiences all over the world.

His blue electro / rocktronic act Mus Mezmer is a multi-styled sonic blend of electronic and live performance arts. It is a solo show combining technology, mixed media, and good ole fashioned songwriting, think Robert Johnson meets Amon Tobin for strong coffee at a remote beach in Maui on a full moon... The first release (May 2013) is available now on soundcloud and bandcamp.   Mus Mezmer is a live electronic show where modern electro styles are merged with old fashioned songwriting and instrumentation. Eenor references many music styles including rock, blues, west african, funk, persian, indian, dubstep, electro, downtempo, drum n bass, punk, sound healing and experimentation, and even classical forms to form sonically surreal and bumpin dream rides. Mus Mezmer first debuted at the Symbiosis Festival 2012 at Pyramid Lake in Nevada.

Wildeboar Electric Trio is Eenor’s new power trio with Hassan Hurd (The Coup) on drums and Sam Gulisano on bass. They take the classic trio format further with rollercoaster swing and sway, their sound is monstrous and on the verge, their grit is fierce and their gold is butter smooth. 

His collaboration with the infamous Yoga instructor, Nona Fender has yielded Good Times Yoga with Nona Fender & The Benders, a humorous and wild yoga class that features Eenor and other musicians providing the live soundtrack to Nona’s unforgettable blend of the sacred and profane.

Eenor has enjoyed many musical adventures from touring Europe with Plainfield (an infamous S.F.punk band) , to studying with Indian Sarod master Ali Akbar Khan, to rocking the nation with Les Claypool’s Frog Brigade. You’ve heard his guitar on the opening themesong of Comedy Central’s Southpark for almost 2 decades.  Eenor has recorded and performed with many amazing players, including Stewart Copeland (The Police), Adrian Belew (Zappa, Bowie, King Crimson) Buckethead, Trey Anastasio (Phish), Ike Willis (Zappa), Fish Fisher (Fishbone), Tim Alexander (Primus), Bernie Worrell (Parliament/Funkadelic, Talking Heads) and many other fantastic humans.  

Eenor has appeared on recordings by Bassnectar, Les Claypool, Beats Antique, Plainfield, Bernie Worrell (P Funk). Jill Tracy, and more.  

Eenor also recently toured worldwide for many years with The Yard Dog Road Show... an innovative cabaret cartoon ride through America’s past and future. 

Eenor has also often been seen onstage sitting in with Beats Antique at various events including Jazzfest 2012 in New Orleans, and also contributed on Yaili Tambur (turkish banjo) to their first 2 CD releases... 

Eenor is making instruments and music accessories. check them out at MezmerGuitars.com


Jill Tracy "Diabolical Streak" 1998 guest on Yayli Tanbur

Breakfast "This is Music for your Brain" 1999 Inquire for CD ROM

Spacefairy (Alix Sun) 1999 

Les Claypool's Frog Brigade "Live Frogs Set 1 2000 

Les Claypool's Frog Brigade "Live Frogs Set 2 (Remake of Pink Floyd's "Animals" 2000 

Breakfast "Sound On" 2001  Inquire for CD ROM

Les Claypool on Live at Bonnarroo 2002 CD 

Les Claypool on Live at Bonnarroo 2002 DVD 

Les Claypool on NASCAR compilation "Hot Rod Lincoln" 2002 

Les Claypool's Frog Brigade "Purple Onion" 2002  

w/ Bernie Worrell (Parliament/Funkadelic) anti-war protest "Comin In Out of the Rain" 2003   

Dave Pellicciaro "Short Goodbyes" 2004    guest on guitar

Eenor "Monkey to Monkey" 2004  avail at:

Les Claypool "5 Gallons of Diesel" DVD 2005

Jupiter Rising / Universal Records 2006

Eenormus Sidecar amphibiphonic records 2009

Yard Dogs Road Show 2006

Beats Antique  Tribal Derivations / CIA Records 2007
 Yayli Tanbur
Hamsa Lila "Live in Santa Cruz" 2007 Yayli Tanbur, Slide Guitar, Guitar

Beats Antique Collide / CIA Records 2008

BASSNECTAR "Art of Revolution" 2009 

Dave Sharp Secret Seven ℗ 2010 Blue Pie

Dave Sharp’s Secret 7 Worlds 2013

Eenor Attention amphibiphonic records 2013

Eenor Mus Mezmer amphibiphonic records 2014
 avail at:

Eenor single relase of "Birdman of Alcatrazz" on CD BABY

The Dogon Lights "The African Eagle" guest on slide guitar 2016

No Accordian Love Warrior "Mrs Duffy" guest on guitar 2016


“Eenor, the worlds first guitar playing redwood tree” -Les Claypool

Email: ronee@eenor.com                   

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