Mezmer Guitars are created by Eenor, a guitar player and builder/designer located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

He has toured the world as a performer (Les Claypool Frog Brigade, The Yard Dogs Road Show, Beats ANtique, plainfield, and more).  Now, crafting excellent electrics, eenor brings his expertise as a touring player to the workbench as a builder. 

Eenor’s instruments are innovative, unique,  and custom made for discriminating players.  MEZMER GUITARS feature ergonomic designs and excellent setup and tones.  For example, With an inventive proprietary technique, eenor carefully tunes the positioning for each instruments pickups prior to installing them, finding the most resonant placements for clear and open natural tones. 

Mezmer Guitars body shapes concentrate on comfort, elegant curves, and strategically placed mass for balance and resonance.  Their unique headstock shapes Provide easy tuner access and optimum string tension for piano like lows and superior ease of treble side string bending.

Eenor will be happy to work with the customer to develop a dream instrument to last a lifetime. 

There is currently a 3-6 month waiting period for new orders.

Prices vary depending on components and build.


Contact Eenor at  Please visit media sites below

Excellent Electric Instruments made by Eenor

eenor prefers lindy Fralin, Lollar, Dimarzio,

and Seymore duncan pickups

Callaham , Wilkinson, Bigsby, and FLoyd Rose Tremolos

Tone pro “tune o matic” roller bridges

Schaller , Gotoh, Spertzel, and hipshot tuners

bone and tusq nuts

cloth and shielded braid wiring

CTS and burns Pots

Switchcraft toggles and jacks


Nitro cellulose finishes  

smooth Oil rubbed neck for handworn vintage feel                                                                          hand carved hardwood tailpieces set into body (non trem models)

Binding (available on arm bevel as extra option)

machine bolt inserts for easy bolt on neck removal

many electronic options

custom inlay

Cosmetic metal sheeting with engraving

Levitar attachment insert*

Mezmer Guitars are now also available with the Buzz Feiten tuning system. MSRP $139


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